I’m so glad you decided to visit!  Feel free to wander through my site.  If you’ve got even more time on your hands, head on over to the pub, where Meggie MacDougall will give you details of all the events of my roller coaster ride as a published author.

My heart and soul belong to fear, death and the good guys winning so naturally I’m addicted to thrilling suspense.  But what’s a good suspense without a compelling romance to spice it up?  So I’ve joined my two favorite story elements to create thrilling romantic suspense stories. On occasion I also write contemporary romances set in the UK simply because it’s my favorite place on the planet. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often for updates!

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What’s New With Alexa?

October 2016

Birthday-Balloons-004[1]Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. You’ve come at the perfect time.. October is my birthday month so I’m celebrating all month long with you. I’m offering prizes to 2 winners a week. Want to know how to win? Here’s the information:

1st: Just by being a newsletter subscriber you have a chance to win!
2nd: If you post a review of any books on my backlist anywhere (and let me know) you could win!
3rd: If you post a review of HEAR MY CRY you could win!
4th: If you recommend someone to join my newsletter you could win!
And if you do more than one of these, you can get extra chances to win!

I’ll announce winners each Sunday morning on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ll also post all the winners right here at the end of the month!


September 2016

Welcome! It’s been ages since I’ve updated the website, but I’m back with a bang! First up, I have a brand new series to share with you called The Protector Cell series and book one, HEAR MY CRY, releases this month! Check out The Protector Cell page to read up on who’s involved in the series and how. I’m so excited because it’s my first jump into a true series, where one book prepares the reader for the next one.

This book is my 2nd dip into the paranormal world, with a different angle on the genre. My romantic suspense has light paranormal elements and revolves around ordinary people with extraordinary powers. Hop on over to the HEAR MY CRY page and see what it’s all about! I’m excited to share Harper and Scott’s story with you.

I’ve made quite a few other changes to the website as well, including pictures of my summer trips to Kauai, Hawaii and San Diego, California. Plus, I’ve also updated my online classes list. I’ll be teaching throughout 2017.

When I’m not surfing the net this month, I’ll be working on the 2nd book in The Protector Cell series and I hope to submit it by the end of this month! Don’t forget to visit with Meggie at the Cuan MacDougall Pub. Whatever’s happening in my world, she’ll be able to share it with you. See you in October!