A Quiet Time to Chat

Hiya! Och, I’ve been soooooo busy through the summer I haven’t had a chance to chat with Alexa until over this past weekend. She’s quite busy herself. Would you like to know why and with what? Well, then….

Liar, Liar-high-resAlexa’s job during the day has been her priority, but she’s also been teaching her online class, Killer Openings. She’s been working on a new Hidden Destiny book, the 2nd of a light paranormal suspense series. And have you heard? Alexa’s book LIAR, LIAR is set to become an audio book! How grand is this? She’s listening to narrators as I type. The other big change for Alexa is she’s moved. Och, she’s had a hard time with that nonsense, but she says she’s starting to feel a bit more normal now as September comes to an end.

In the future…. Alexa is planning to spend much of the rest of the year celebrating. In October, she will be celebrating her own birthday. She’ll be choosing 1 person a week from her newsletter followers to win a prize! Also, she’s participating in several blog hops, which will also offer prizes. And…if all goes well with the new Hidden Destiny book, she might celebrate a new contract! Wouldn’t that be grand?

Aye, you know I’ll be sharing all her information as it comes up. Well, I know I haven’t been so good about it in such a while, but I promise to get better. Now that the Highlands are slowing down I’ll be able to step in here more often.

All right, lads and lassies. I’ve got to go. Take care, now. Until next time!

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