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These Aren’t Your Regular Fairy Tales…

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How do you like your fairy tales? I enjoy mine a bit adventurous.

My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense. When I was given my fairy tale to adapt, The Golden Goose, I was a little worried about how to make it into a suspense. There was nothing “suspensy” about the story. Hmmm, was I really going to be able to join the group of fantabulous Beyond Fairytales authors? I sat and thought, thought and sat and slowly, the story- with a bit of suspense & lots of adventure- came to life. CHASING GOLD soon became one of my favorites of my own books. I hope you like it too! Here’s a sneak peek of CHASING GOLD:

Antho coverAfter sipping her tea, she picked up another piece of pastry. Midway to her mouth, she stopped. A tall, thin man, glasses clinging to the end of his nose, strode through the doorway and scanned the room. A loose-fitting, faded T-shirt covered his chest, and khaki shorts hung on his hips. Kind of thin and bony for her liking, although the soft shade of ginger hair with a hint of blond in it grabbed her attention. It reminded her of her favorite movie star. Both hands were inside his pockets.

With a crooked grin, he walked straight up to her table. “Grace McKay?”

“Yes. Can I help you?”     

He held out his long fingers. “I’m Simon Andrews.” He waited as if his name was supposed to mean something.

She didn’t shake his hand. “What can I do for you, Mr. Andrews?”

He lowered his arm. “Your uncle said you’d be helping me on my expedition here.” From his New England accent, he could only be American.

Uncle Thomas sent him? Of all the crappy things he’d done, this had to be the worst. Did he not believe in her enough to allow her to handle the job? She stood, gathering her papers. “My uncle was wrong. I don’t need any help with my expedition. Good-bye.” She shifted around him and started for the lobby. Studying her paperwork in her own room would suit her better.

“Ms. McKay, wait.” He grabbed her arm.

She froze. Every muscle tensed.

“I realize you want to help in the search, but your uncle hired me to—”

She tugged herself free. “I know what he hired you for, but I’m telling you, you’re fired.”

In the next week, you will find posts from the authors behind the Beyond Fairytales series. We have spaceships, cowboys, owls, princesses, princes, and geese. If you like M/F, M/M, F/F, or ménage, you’ll find at least one of each. Each one is unique and indescribably naughty.

If you’ve gobbled up all of the collections already, be sure to check out the Beyond Fairytales blog for new releases and additional books.

Check out Shiloh Saddler’s post also today and then Jennah Scott’s post will be up tomorrow!

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Beyond Fairytales Blog Hop

Beyond Fairytales blog hop smallHiya! Meggie here! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here in quite some time. I haven’t got a good reason except I’ve been enjoying some time between here and Ireland with me lad, Quinn.

But now I’ve got some news. Alexa’s latest book, CHASING GOLD, is a lovely adventure story set here in Scotland. (I’m over the moon Alexa’s written another Scottish story!) This book is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales series. All the authors have taken a fairy tale and put their own spin on the story to create a happily-ever-after romance book. Alexa’s fairy tale was Grimm’s The Golden Goose. She worried, at first, she’d not be able to do it, but soon she thought of her favorite place and the rest of the story rushed through her. Do you want a look at it? All right, then. Here ye go:

AlexaBourne_BeyondFairtales_ChasingGold_300Why had she given him so much attitude? Mr. Gray had been desperate to find help for her, but she didn’t want Simon anywhere near this golden treasure. Too bad. He had a job to do. No matter how difficult she planned to be, he intended to follow through. Maybe another approach would work. He jogged out of the room to catch up with her. “Miss, wait.”

At the foot of the stairs, she turned back to him, her gaze cold steel. Beautiful dark hair drifted over her shoulders. The pretty, frilly, flower-patterned dress hugged her upper body, flowing around her thighs. Yet she still looked ready to spit fire.

“Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I’m sorry you didn’t know I was coming, but don’t you think you should be angry with your uncle?”

As each second ticked by, her shoulders relaxed. “You’re right. I’m sorry I snapped. I’ve had a difficult couple of days, which have left me short-tempered.”

“Would the troubling times be the cause of the bruise?” He pointed to her eye. She touched the skin near her temple.

“I had a run in with a tree limb.”

“Who won?” A grin tugged the corner of his mouth.

Her chin shot up. “I did, of course.”

Right. Okay, maybe she wouldn’t be so much trouble. “You need some time to adjust to the idea of having a partner. I need a nap after those flights. Why don’t we share our information in the bar before dinner?” For several more seconds, she studied him as though trying to decipher a hidden agenda. With his limbs growing even wearier, he held his hands out to his sides. “I promise my objective is to help, nothing more.”

One of her feet tapped against the step. Planting her free hand on the railing, she drummed her fingers against it. “All right. I suppose two heads are better than one. Let’s meet in the bar about six, and we can go to dinner when we’re done.”

She strutted up the stairs, her ass swaying side to side in the dress. By no means was he too exhausted to recognize a beautiful woman. Maybe she’d warm up to him when he was rested enough and turned on the charm. His brothers might have the outgoing, sometimes obnoxious personalities, but he had always been the one able to coax most people into his line of thinking.

It’s good, aye? I think so. And now you’re wanting to read more about other Beyond Fairytales stories. I know. So while I go to meet me love, you should visit some more stops along this blog hop, enter to win a grand prize, and possibly find new authors to read!


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Paranormal Blog Hop!

WakeMe_AlexaBourne_300x450Happy Mid-Week! Meggie’s away on vacation so she gave me free-reign of the blog. I’m currently working on the next story in my Hidden Destiny series, but I thought I’d share with you a bit of the first one, Wake Me

Sarah yanked on the back door to her friend’s gym. Rain pelted her head, masking the tears gathering in her eyes. The door remained closed, locked. “Damn it!” She slammed her fists on the glass. One last peek into the darkened building confirmed the truth.

So alone with too much at stake. One minute, bravery had galloped through her like the Kentucky Derby winner. The next moment, the urge to huddle in the far corner until the shaking stopped consumed her.

Hugging herself, Sarah sagged down the wall. She hated having her brain on fire. Moving to Austin was supposed to have eliminated her troubles, not leave her freedom hanging in the balance. Why the hell couldn’t the shit have remained in Seattle’s rainy afternoons?

Because she’d opened her big mouth.

So? What do you think? For more information, visit my Wake Me page. And to read more snippets of awesome paranormal stories visit the Paranormal Love Wednesdays blog!


Submission, Book, Party…Oh My!

Hiya! I’m back to bring you lots of information about Alexa! She’s got a new project she hopes to send to an editor who has asked for it. She’s quite excited about it. So send her some positive thoughts, aye? We’ll keep you updated on it!

AlexaBourne_BeyondFairtales_ChasingGold_300Next, she found out on the last day of 2014 that her next book, Chasing Gold, will be released on 1/23.

Now, January 4th is the 1-year anniversary of one of Alexa’s favorite books of her own, Dance Away, Danger!

Finally, January 23rd is the anniversary of her last Scottish romance, Broken Road! That’s the story of my dear friend, Catriona.

Since she has so much to celebrate, I asked her, “Why don’t you celebrate with your readers?” As she should, she’s taken my advice and put together a month-long contest!

DanceAwayDanger_v2Each Friday she’ll draw a name from commenters here to win a prize. All ye’ve got to do is tell her which of the three January books (Broken Road, Dance Away, Danger or Chasing Gold) would you want to be in and why? If you don’t know about these books, you can visit the pages on this website and learn about each one! Alexa will give away an Amazon gift card, a bag of swag (whatever that is!), and a copy of one of her other books. I talked her into giving away a Scottish treat bag as well for one of the weeks! She’ll choose 1 winner after midnight each Friday and post the winner’s name here in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Broken-Road-300x450I hope ye’ll help us celebrate Alexa and her January books! All right, now. I’ve got to get to bed. We’ve got a party in the pub tomorrow for a football match with one of our local lads. Until next time!


Beyond Fairytales Blessings Bloghop

BfBlessingsHiya! Meggie here, watching this American lass twist in her chair at the end of the bar as she searches for her lad. They’re quite an entertaining pair and I think you’ll love them when you get to know them. Come on. I’ll introduce you. I’ve got to take their pints to them. (Wanders along the bar and sets two drinks in front of the woman.) There ye are, lass. Have you not found him, then?

Grace: (rolling her eyes) Of course I can’t find him when I need him. Ugh.

Meggie: While yer waiting, tell us again about you, yer lad and how ye both ended up here.

AlexaBourne_BeyondFairtales_ChasingGold_300Grace: Well, I’m Grace McKay, treasure hunter. I’m the heroine in Alexa Bourne’s Beyond Fairytales book, CHASING GOLD. Simon Andrews is my partner. He’s….interesting. We met when my uncle, who’s from Scotland, sent Simon to help me with my latest treasure hunt. Apparently my uncle wanted one of the more experienced brothers, but Simon was all he could get.

I’m searching for a family heirloom that hasn’t been seen in centuries. I admit this hunt has been tough, but I’m good at what I do. If my uncle had just given me a chance I could’ve proven myself instead of trying to train a  guy who’s never been on a hunt before.  (Picks at the edges of the napkin under her drink while a smile creeps over her face.)  But he is kind of cute. And he is an eager partner. And he’s kind of growing on me.

Meggie: It seems he brings out the best in you as well, or so Alexa says.

AutumnGrace: Yeah, maybe he does. It’s funny, when he arrived here in Scotland, I didn’t want help. I have a professional reputation I’m building and having him with me makes me look weak. But he refuses to go away. While he’s been here he’s been keeping me grounded and professional, especially since I have so much invested in this job and so many distractions. And, don’t tell him this but he’s turned out to be a better partner than I first thought he could be.

Meggie (straightening and pointing over the lass’s shoulder): There’s your lad. I’ll leave you both alone. (She Autumnwalks away to load the dishwasher.) So, what do you think? They really are a great mess. It’s easy to see how they feel about each other, but they dinna want to admit it for whatever reasons. I guess we’ll have to read the book to find out what sets them on their path and how they overcome their difficulties! But, knowing Alexa, I guarantee it’ll be one mad adventure!


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Books I’m Grateful I Read Blog Hop!

Books-I'm-Grateful-I-Read-HopWelcome to one of the stops on the Books I’m Grateful Read Blog Hop! I am one of TONS of people sharing about 1 of my favorite books. For the list of participants, visit Stuck In Books!

I’m soooooooo grateful I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander! I read it ages ago, long before it became a popular series or a highly anticipated TV series. I loved so much about this book. First, it happens in Scotland. Scotland is my happy place now, but at the time I read the book, midway through the 90s, I wasn’t a fan of the country. Shocker, I know! I had just started reading Scottish historicals and this cover appealed to me in my local Barnes & Noble. I was a little freaked out by the number of pages, but I bought it and soon got lost in the world Gabaldon had created.


As I read, I started to get interested in Scotland again. I studied the country’s history. I took day trips up to Edinburgh when we went to visit my mom’s family in northern England.

When I finished the book, I started thinking more about turning toward publishing. I’d been writing forever but until this point it hadn’t really been a focus. After finishing Jamie & Claire’s story (or the 1st in the series, anyway), I remember thinking how I wanted to affect readers like Gabaldon’s characters affected me. My goal then became to finish my 1st full length manuscript. And here I am, awaiting a release date for my 10th book, with 6 of them set in modern-day Scotland.

Have you read Outlander? Did you love it or did it not resonate with you? Leave a response and be in the running for a $5 gift card and a special Scottish treat!

Happy Book Birthday!

WakeMe_AlexaBourne_300x450Hiya! It’s a day to celebrate! Alexa’s latest book, WAKE ME, is finally available for purchase! For more information about the story, visit the Wake Me page. And in case yer wanting a wee peek at her writing before committing to the book, follow Alexa on her Wake Me Blog Tour! She’ll be giving away 3 prizes to commenters along the way! Here are her tour stops!



New Release & New Contract!

WakeMe_AlexaBourne_300x450Hiya! I hope yer all right! I’m just having a half-pint here in the pub with my love, Quinn, and watching football. He’s got a free moment from his duties as a football coach. We’re also celebrating Alexa’s great news! She’s got another book coming out on October 17th. Aye, it’s a great book, but it’s not set here in the Highlands. Still, WAKE ME has a bonnie lass trying to avoid getting arrested and a sexy policeman who is expected to arrest her. Only he truly doesn’t want to. Don’t miss out on it!

Alexa also signed a new contract earlier this month. Now THIS book, CHASING GOLD, is set here in the Highlands and I cannit wait for it. BeyondFairytalesBannerFinalWebOptimizedAlexa says she hasn’t had so much fun creating a story in so long. It’s based on a fairytale and it’s a romantic adventure with 2 people wanting the same treasure for very different reasons. But Grace and Simon need each other more than they know. If she doesn’t share details with you about it, I will as soon as I can.

All right. Quinn’s calling to me now that the football game’s reached half time. Until next time!

Highlander Blog Hop!

Hiya! Meggie here. Life in the Highlands has quieted down now that summer is over. But we’ve still got lots to do before the winter comes. So while I’m helping me brothers in the pub, you’ll be getting a treat. Miss Alexa has some words for yeh:

Highlander Giveaway Hop_2014

Thanks, Meggie! I love visiting you and the boys. But today I’m here on business. I love hunky Scottish Highlanders as much as the next girl. The tartans, the claymores, the sense of pride & protectiveness, and whoa, those accents. From early Julie Garwood to today’s Monica McCarty, I’ve lost myself in many stories of the wild Highlands.

I tried writing a Scottish historical romance. Once. As an historical writer I am one big disaster. Seriously, it was my worst writing. Ever. I panicked about the accuracy of my historical details. My interests for research revolved around handguns & DNA evidence, not how many layers a dress had to be or what a Scotsman wore under his kilt. (Okay, I confess I’d still like to know this one!) So what was a Scotland lover who couldn’t write historical supposed to do?

I started writing contemporary Scotsmen. They can be just as hot, courageous, proud and they still have the accents that make tons of butterflies swirl in my stomach. (Yum!) 6 of my 9 books are set in contemporary Scotland and the do have hot Scots, too…or so I’ve been told. Recently, as I’ve been drafting my 10th book, I’ve decided every one of my books from now on will have a Scottish element. Why not? This way I can still research what is or isn’t under the kilt!

So tell me. Have you tried a contemporary Scotsman? Would you like to? Comment on here (the link’s at the top of the post) and after the Highlander Hop I’ll choose one commenter to receive a copy of one of my Highlander books and a special Scottish treat!










New And Exciting

pubwelcome-624x467-e1384375794236Hiya! I’ve got a few moments in between tour buses and I thought I’d check in. Och, I know it’s been ages since I’ve given you any information, but here I am! We’re in the middle of our summer and the weather’s been absolutely grand. Aye, it can be a bit cold for most of you, but it’s just the way I like it. The pub’s been right busy with lots of tourists. It seems Glenhalish is getting more and more well-known for a Scottish Highland stop on tours. But enough about me and me wee village. I know what you’re all wanting.

Alexa’s 2014 Danger Challenge, in honor of her January book, DANCE AWAY, DANGER, is half over. She and her other lasses have been doing great. Do you know about it? They all agree to do something outside of their comfort zone each month. You can find out more about it below.

Ooooh, dinna forget Alexa’s latest contemporary romance, BROKEN ROAD, is available! It’s the love story of my best friend, Cat and the man who captured her heart, bodyguard Ian MacKenzie. Dinna miss out!

decadentpub-comingsoon[1]While we’re busy here with entertaining the tourists, Alexa is getting ready for the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio next week. Has she told you her great new news? No, I don’t suspect she has. Well, I’ll do it for her. Alexa’s signed a new book contract! She’s starting a new series of books about people with paranormal abilities. WAKE ME is book #1 in the Hidden Destiny series. She’s got no other information about it yet, but I promise to share all the details with you when I can.

All right, lads and lassies. I think I better get back to the bar. Me brothers Ewan and Jamie are giving me the evil eye. Have a good rest of July and I’ll see you soon!