Contests All Around!

hear-my-cry-evernightpublishing-2016Hiya! Alexa’s been busy with herself since HEAR MY CRY has come out. I offered to post for her and so here I am! Our lass is quite pleased with how the word is getting out about the new book and she’s looking for other ways to promote it. Together we’ve come up with a few ways but we need your help. And aye, you’ll be compensated for it!

1st: If ye sign up for Alexa’s newsletter by September 30th, you could win! She’ll be choosing 2 subscribers to win a prize.

2nd: If ye post a review of any of Alexa’s books, you could win!

3rd: If ye post a review of HEAR MY CRY AND join the newsletter crew, you could win!

4th: Alexa’s wanting to get me on here regular, so what should we do here on the blog? Invite authors? Post bits of her books? Have posts two times a week? Post bits of Alexa’s real world or mine? (Mind, there’s not much to tell ye about me and me lad. We’re still in Glenhalish as much as we can be and my brothers are still maddening.) If you post your ideas ‘ere, you could win!

See? Ye’ve got no reason not to follow Alexa’s journey now! But hurry. Ye’ve only got until September 30th!

Until next time!

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