Contests All Around!

hear-my-cry-evernightpublishing-2016Hiya! Alexa’s been busy with herself since HEAR MY CRY has come out. I offered to post for her and so here I am! Our lass is quite pleased with how the word is getting out about the new book and she’s looking for other ways to promote it. Together we’ve come up with a few ways but we need your help. And aye, you’ll be compensated for it!

1st: If ye sign up for Alexa’s newsletter by September 30th, you could win! She’ll be choosing 2 subscribers to win a prize.

2nd: If ye post a review of any of Alexa’s books, you could win!

3rd: If ye post a review of HEAR MY CRY AND join the newsletter crew, you could win!

4th: Alexa’s wanting to get me on here regular, so what should we do here on the blog? Invite authors? Post bits of her books? Have posts two times a week? Post bits of Alexa’s real world or mine? (Mind, there’s not much to tell ye about me and me lad. We’re still in Glenhalish as much as we can be and my brothers are still maddening.) If you post your ideas ‘ere, you could win!

See? Ye’ve got no reason not to follow Alexa’s journey now! But hurry. Ye’ve only got until September 30th!

Until next time!

Shhhhh…. Dinna Tell

‘Ere, I’ve grabbed Alexa’s new book cover. Aye, I know she’s going to officially share it tomorrow, but I wanted to be the one to show it off. Remember to act surprised when she posts it on social media. She’s been over the moon with how well it turned out. I’ve got to say I love it as well. What do you think?hear-my-cry-evernightpublishing-2016

Aye, It’s Been a Long Time!

Coming Soon signHiya! All right, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted here. I’m sorry, but the Highlands have been so busy over the summer and Ms. Bourne hasn’t had anything to tell ye. But I’m here now and I’ve so much to share.

Alexa’s back! Aye, she hasn’t had a book out in quite some time but she’s coming back with a bang! In a short time, she’ll have a new book available called HEAR MY CRY. It’s #1 in a series called The Protector Cell. It’s a wee bit different for Alexa in 2 ways. 1st, she’s never had a series that must be read in order. Aye, our Scottish stories are a series, but a reader can start reading whichever one she wants. (Hopefully mine, SILENT SURRENDER.) The 2nd difference is The Protector Cell series is focused on the paranormal element of each book and how those elements are interwoven throughout the series. Aye, she’s used paranormal elements in WAKE ME, but this time was so much more of a challenge for her. She cannit wait to share the cover and the story with ye.

As if that wasn’t good enough on its own, Alexa has the rough draft of the 2nd story in the series almost finished. She’s trying so hard to make this series the best it can be. At the moment, she’s working on plans to celebrate the release of HEAR MY CRY. She’ll have giveaways, social media tours, teasers, promotional items and she’ll be gathering reviewers. She’s also working on updating this website. It’s about time, innit?

So, I’ll leave you with this. At the moment, Alexa’s working to add information about her new series to this website and to update quite a bit more. Keep yer eyes open for Alexa’s tweets, blogs, Facebook posts, and her brand new Pinterest account! (Aye, she’s gone and joined the rest of us.) And don’t forget. To be one of the 1st to see her cover (besides me, of course!), sign up for her newsletter on the Home Page. Until next time!

Hello, My Name Is…..

my name is--500finalWelcome to the “Hello, My Name Is…” Blog Hop! We’re ringing in the New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!

Happy New Year! I’m excited to share some information about myself with you (and to learn about some authors myself)! Here we go!

1504118_984578094933410_4110290078190208898_n[1]#1.  I can eat candy in moderation…except for Peanut M&Ms. If I have a bag near me it doesn’t have a chance.

#2. I’m an earring lover. I have more earrings than I need, but if I like a pair or there’s a sale I’ll buy more.

#3. If I could I would eat pizza for every meal. (Hawaiian is my favorite…LOVE the pineapples!)

#4. I eat one type of food at a time. If I have a chicken, rice, veggie meal, for example, I’ll eat all the rice first, then all the veggie, then all the chicken. I don’t mix them.

11390088_894100637314490_7404432658444372141_n[1]#5. I love writing books longhand. When I first started writing I wrote every first draft by hand. I don’t do it as much now, but if I start having trouble with one of my books I put the computer away, grab a notebook and try to cursive write my way out of my trouble.

Your turn! What’s 1 quirky thing about you? 1 commenter will receive a copy of my romantic suspense book Dance Away, Danger (US only). (INT winner will receive a different prize.)



My Christmas Treats

Hiya! Meggie MacDougall here wanting to wish you a Happy Christmas! I hope all is well wherever ye are. I’m a bit cold up here in the Scottish Highlands. We’ve got lots of rain as well so I’m staying indoors as much as I can.

christmas treats button

I wanted to tell you about a book I’m excited to start reading now that the pub’s slowed down quite a bit. It’s called A MacKinnon Christmas and it’s written by Kit Frazier. I’ve loved the lass’s other novels and when I heard about this story I couldn’t wait to get it! It’s only a short story (a novella, aye?) but I know Kit will have us laughing out loud and wanting to be the best friend of the book’s heroine. Are there any books you’re looking forward to reading this holiday or are you hoping someone gives you books (or a gift card) for Christmas? Leave a comment here and perhaps ye’ll be the winner of our giveaway, a copy of Kit’s book!


And for more prizes…

What are our favorite Christmas Treats? Books, of course! Stop by each blog for a chance to win fabulous books & gifties for the Holidays!




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Back Again!

Liar, Liar-high-resHiya! I know, it’s not been too long since I was here. BUT I’ve got information for ye from Alexa. She’s 1 step closer to having her book LIAR, LIAR available in audio format! We’ll keep you in the know about that.

The main reason I’m on here, though, is to share Alexa’s plans for the month of October. She’ll be turning another year older on the 9th and she wants to celebrate with you all month long. (Plus, she’s moved not too long ago & found lots of prizes.) So here are her plans:

Today, October 3rd, she’ll give 1 prize to a newsletter subscriber.

October 9th, her birthday, she’ll give 1 prize to a newsletter subscriber and 1 to someone from Facebook and Twitter.

October 14th, she’ll give away a prize to someone who shares or tweets about her book, WAKE ME. That’s the one with a lass who has dreams that come true.

Birthday-Balloons-004[1]October 16th, she’ll have a prize for a newsletter subscriber.

October 23rd, she’ll have a prize for a newsletter subscriber who answers the question in the latest newsletter.

October 31st, she’ll have another prize for another newsletter subscriber.

So…… can ye see the advantage of being a newsletter subscriber? If yer not already and ye want to be, you can sign up on the website’s home page.

Along with all of this, she’ll be taking part in lots of blog hops in November and December. So, you’ll want to come back here for those!

All right. I’m off to find meself a sweater. it’s a bit cold here in Glenhalish. Until next time!

A Quiet Time to Chat

Hiya! Och, I’ve been soooooo busy through the summer I haven’t had a chance to chat with Alexa until over this past weekend. She’s quite busy herself. Would you like to know why and with what? Well, then….

Liar, Liar-high-resAlexa’s job during the day has been her priority, but she’s also been teaching her online class, Killer Openings. She’s been working on a new Hidden Destiny book, the 2nd of a light paranormal suspense series. And have you heard? Alexa’s book LIAR, LIAR is set to become an audio book! How grand is this? She’s listening to narrators as I type. The other big change for Alexa is she’s moved. Och, she’s had a hard time with that nonsense, but she says she’s starting to feel a bit more normal now as September comes to an end.

In the future…. Alexa is planning to spend much of the rest of the year celebrating. In October, she will be celebrating her own birthday. She’ll be choosing 1 person a week from her newsletter followers to win a prize! Also, she’s participating in several blog hops, which will also offer prizes. And…if all goes well with the new Hidden Destiny book, she might celebrate a new contract! Wouldn’t that be grand?

Aye, you know I’ll be sharing all her information as it comes up. Well, I know I haven’t been so good about it in such a while, but I promise to get better. Now that the Highlands are slowing down I’ll be able to step in here more often.

All right, lads and lassies. I’ve got to go. Take care, now. Until next time!

These Aren’t Your Regular Fairy Tales…

BF word search tour banner

Welcome to the Fall in Love with Fairytales blog tour!

If you would like to win an enormous grand prize consisting of a Kindle, gift certificates, and author swag, visit each day’s post(s) and follow Rafflecopter instructions for prize entries. For more information, please visit:  

Main page:

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Beyond Fairytales author and reader group:

Twitter hashtag: #FallinLove

How do you like your fairy tales? I enjoy mine a bit adventurous.

My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense. When I was given my fairy tale to adapt, The Golden Goose, I was a little worried about how to make it into a suspense. There was nothing “suspensy” about the story. Hmmm, was I really going to be able to join the group of fantabulous Beyond Fairytales authors? I sat and thought, thought and sat and slowly, the story- with a bit of suspense & lots of adventure- came to life. CHASING GOLD soon became one of my favorites of my own books. I hope you like it too! Here’s a sneak peek of CHASING GOLD:

Antho coverAfter sipping her tea, she picked up another piece of pastry. Midway to her mouth, she stopped. A tall, thin man, glasses clinging to the end of his nose, strode through the doorway and scanned the room. A loose-fitting, faded T-shirt covered his chest, and khaki shorts hung on his hips. Kind of thin and bony for her liking, although the soft shade of ginger hair with a hint of blond in it grabbed her attention. It reminded her of her favorite movie star. Both hands were inside his pockets.

With a crooked grin, he walked straight up to her table. “Grace McKay?”

“Yes. Can I help you?”     

He held out his long fingers. “I’m Simon Andrews.” He waited as if his name was supposed to mean something.

She didn’t shake his hand. “What can I do for you, Mr. Andrews?”

He lowered his arm. “Your uncle said you’d be helping me on my expedition here.” From his New England accent, he could only be American.

Uncle Thomas sent him? Of all the crappy things he’d done, this had to be the worst. Did he not believe in her enough to allow her to handle the job? She stood, gathering her papers. “My uncle was wrong. I don’t need any help with my expedition. Good-bye.” She shifted around him and started for the lobby. Studying her paperwork in her own room would suit her better.

“Ms. McKay, wait.” He grabbed her arm.

She froze. Every muscle tensed.

“I realize you want to help in the search, but your uncle hired me to—”

She tugged herself free. “I know what he hired you for, but I’m telling you, you’re fired.”

In the next week, you will find posts from the authors behind the Beyond Fairytales series. We have spaceships, cowboys, owls, princesses, princes, and geese. If you like M/F, M/M, F/F, or ménage, you’ll find at least one of each. Each one is unique and indescribably naughty.

If you’ve gobbled up all of the collections already, be sure to check out the Beyond Fairytales blog for new releases and additional books.

Check out Shiloh Saddler’s post also today and then Jennah Scott’s post will be up tomorrow!

Red Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Blue Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Green Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Gold Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Alexa button May 31



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Beyond Fairytales Blog Hop

Beyond Fairytales blog hop smallHiya! Meggie here! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here in quite some time. I haven’t got a good reason except I’ve been enjoying some time between here and Ireland with me lad, Quinn.

But now I’ve got some news. Alexa’s latest book, CHASING GOLD, is a lovely adventure story set here in Scotland. (I’m over the moon Alexa’s written another Scottish story!) This book is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales series. All the authors have taken a fairy tale and put their own spin on the story to create a happily-ever-after romance book. Alexa’s fairy tale was Grimm’s The Golden Goose. She worried, at first, she’d not be able to do it, but soon she thought of her favorite place and the rest of the story rushed through her. Do you want a look at it? All right, then. Here ye go:

AlexaBourne_BeyondFairtales_ChasingGold_300Why had she given him so much attitude? Mr. Gray had been desperate to find help for her, but she didn’t want Simon anywhere near this golden treasure. Too bad. He had a job to do. No matter how difficult she planned to be, he intended to follow through. Maybe another approach would work. He jogged out of the room to catch up with her. “Miss, wait.”

At the foot of the stairs, she turned back to him, her gaze cold steel. Beautiful dark hair drifted over her shoulders. The pretty, frilly, flower-patterned dress hugged her upper body, flowing around her thighs. Yet she still looked ready to spit fire.

“Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I’m sorry you didn’t know I was coming, but don’t you think you should be angry with your uncle?”

As each second ticked by, her shoulders relaxed. “You’re right. I’m sorry I snapped. I’ve had a difficult couple of days, which have left me short-tempered.”

“Would the troubling times be the cause of the bruise?” He pointed to her eye. She touched the skin near her temple.

“I had a run in with a tree limb.”

“Who won?” A grin tugged the corner of his mouth.

Her chin shot up. “I did, of course.”

Right. Okay, maybe she wouldn’t be so much trouble. “You need some time to adjust to the idea of having a partner. I need a nap after those flights. Why don’t we share our information in the bar before dinner?” For several more seconds, she studied him as though trying to decipher a hidden agenda. With his limbs growing even wearier, he held his hands out to his sides. “I promise my objective is to help, nothing more.”

One of her feet tapped against the step. Planting her free hand on the railing, she drummed her fingers against it. “All right. I suppose two heads are better than one. Let’s meet in the bar about six, and we can go to dinner when we’re done.”

She strutted up the stairs, her ass swaying side to side in the dress. By no means was he too exhausted to recognize a beautiful woman. Maybe she’d warm up to him when he was rested enough and turned on the charm. His brothers might have the outgoing, sometimes obnoxious personalities, but he had always been the one able to coax most people into his line of thinking.

It’s good, aye? I think so. And now you’re wanting to read more about other Beyond Fairytales stories. I know. So while I go to meet me love, you should visit some more stops along this blog hop, enter to win a grand prize, and possibly find new authors to read!


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