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Fall Into Romance! Share the romances that had you falling in love with the genre! Or
the ones that keep you smitten! Stop by each blog for new recommendations and

Hello! I’m so excited to be a part of the Fall Into Romance Blog Hop! I love reading which books inspired authors to write romance.

As for me, I was a late-bloomer. I didn’t read my 1st romance until 1994, the year I turned 23. I had been reading and writing suspense stories up to this point. But a friend brought me a book she had read and liked and suggested I read it. It is an historical romance set in Scotland. She knew I loved Scotland (AKA my happy place!) and she was convinced I’d love this book. Which book you ask?


I loved the book and Ms. Lamb’s writing. I quickly read every book I could find of hers. And I was hooked on romance books! I soon realized that romance novels were so much more than man meets woman, man and woman argue, man and woman get together. Until this point, I hadn’t thought romance novels could also, at the same time, be about history, suspense, mystery, etc. My friend’s suggestion opened up a whole new world for me and I’ve been reading the genre ever since!

What’s your favorite sub-genre in a romance book? Leave a comment and you could be a winner! At the end of the blog hop, I’ll give away a Celtic prize in honor of The Chieftain and my own latest book, Hear My Cry. Although Hear My Cry is set in Austin, TX, it does have Celtic ties, too!

Don’t forget to visit other authors’ blogs to see what book made them Fall Into Romance! For more information check out the main blog here or click below for a list of all the other blogs on the hop!

9 thoughts on “Fall Into Romance Blog Hop!

  1. Krysta B.

    My favorite sub-genre of romance books, well it’s a toss up between Steampunk and Paranormal, or we could just go with Paranormal Steampunk 😉



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