IPN History

5d0834f21dd9b46551cf85d1b25e37a0The International Protective Network is a world-wide organization of bodyguards. When other legal agencies can’t guarantee a person’s safety, the IPN can get the job done. The headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland. A Scottish couple, Russell and Mary MacLeod, started the agency after their youngest daughter testified against a criminal even after she was threatened. The police couldn’t protect her and the criminal’s friends eventually found and killed her. Russell, Mary and their remaining children opened the IPN soon after.

The IPN protects everyone from foreign dignitaries, to politicians, to Hollywood celebrities and even ordinary folks who can’t get help anywhere else. They operate officially within the law, as true bodyguards, but they also have a more clandestine branch for more difficult and dangerous jobs. The men and women hired by the IPN come from all walks of life. At the moment, the company is still fairly new. So they only have offices in Edinburgh and Boston. But the agents will go wherever they’re needed because in the end, justice must win.



IPN Series 1: Her Highland Champion
Hero Malcolm Fraser was an abused child who happened to be living in Edinburgh when his best friend Ian MacKenzie joined IPN. Ian later recruited Malcolm.




IPN Series 2: Fractured Paradise
Heroine Rachel Grant is an American computer genius. She was recruited to work as a senior technical analyst, and she works out of the Edinburgh office.





IPN Series 3: Simple Treasures
Hero Colin Munro is a man with one goal: to do whatever he can to join the IPN team.



Hopefully I’ll brining you new IPN stories, one in Mexico and one in Thailand, soon! Check back in the future for more details!