The Protector Cell Series

Celtic Shield


40 years ago the US government began The  Protector Cell program. They charmed willing parents into living in a small community and being a part of a new experience. The parents believed they were moving to a safe environment to raise their children free of danger and evil influences.

But the government’s intention was to create a super-human army to protect the country from any and all invasions. Unfortunately, the plans didn’t go exactly as they hoped and soon their small army of super-humans became more than they could handle. As the children began to disappear, the parents realized their children’s lives were in danger.

To save face, the government decided to erase everything to do with The Protector Cell program. Their solution? Organize ordinary men and women into the Collectors, a group whose primary duty is to hunt, interrogate and kill the members of The Protector Cell. They started with the parents.


Now the last batch of Protectors is coming of magical age. They are the most lethal so far because no one knows the strength of their powers. In Austin, Texas they’re banding together to understand their pasts and face their futures before the Collectors eliminate them and everyone they love.

The Celtic Shield- The symbol identifies members of The Protector Cell. Each member holds a piece of the stone shield. When all the pieces come together, no one knows what the super-human outcome will be.

The Dagger Shield- This symbol represents the Collectors, the community of ordinary men and women tasked with rounding up the Protectors. The Collectors are trained to hunt and control their prey and they are willing to do anything to complete their missions.

The Stone Shelter Pub- Owned by Trent Garrow and managed by Jeremy Chandler, the pub is a gathering place for The Protector Cell members.

TC Security- A private investigation company co-owned by Trent Garrow and Cade Bryant and managed by Sarina Morgan. They keep people safe when the law can’t. They also train men, women and children to protect themselves.

Book 1- Hear My Cry- Coming 9/15!


Book 2- Move My Heart- in progress

Book 3- Cade’s story

Book 4- Trent’s story