These Aren’t Your Regular Fairy Tales…

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How do you like your fairy tales? I enjoy mine a bit adventurous.

My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense. When I was given my fairy tale to adapt, The Golden Goose, I was a little worried about how to make it into a suspense. There was nothing “suspensy” about the story. Hmmm, was I really going to be able to join the group of fantabulous Beyond Fairytales authors? I sat and thought, thought and sat and slowly, the story- with a bit of suspense & lots of adventure- came to life. CHASING GOLD soon became one of my favorites of my own books. I hope you like it too! Here’s a sneak peek of CHASING GOLD:

Antho coverAfter sipping her tea, she picked up another piece of pastry. Midway to her mouth, she stopped. A tall, thin man, glasses clinging to the end of his nose, strode through the doorway and scanned the room. A loose-fitting, faded T-shirt covered his chest, and khaki shorts hung on his hips. Kind of thin and bony for her liking, although the soft shade of ginger hair with a hint of blond in it grabbed her attention. It reminded her of her favorite movie star. Both hands were inside his pockets.

With a crooked grin, he walked straight up to her table. “Grace McKay?”

“Yes. Can I help you?”     

He held out his long fingers. “I’m Simon Andrews.” He waited as if his name was supposed to mean something.

She didn’t shake his hand. “What can I do for you, Mr. Andrews?”

He lowered his arm. “Your uncle said you’d be helping me on my expedition here.” From his New England accent, he could only be American.

Uncle Thomas sent him? Of all the crappy things he’d done, this had to be the worst. Did he not believe in her enough to allow her to handle the job? She stood, gathering her papers. “My uncle was wrong. I don’t need any help with my expedition. Good-bye.” She shifted around him and started for the lobby. Studying her paperwork in her own room would suit her better.

“Ms. McKay, wait.” He grabbed her arm.

She froze. Every muscle tensed.

“I realize you want to help in the search, but your uncle hired me to—”

She tugged herself free. “I know what he hired you for, but I’m telling you, you’re fired.”

In the next week, you will find posts from the authors behind the Beyond Fairytales series. We have spaceships, cowboys, owls, princesses, princes, and geese. If you like M/F, M/M, F/F, or ménage, you’ll find at least one of each. Each one is unique and indescribably naughty.

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One thought on “These Aren’t Your Regular Fairy Tales…

  1. Joanne Best

    Oh! Your site is gorgeous! My very favorite tartan! <3 I'm really looking forward to reading your version of The Golden Goose, one of the tales I'm familiar with.
    Chasing Gold sounds really good, can't wait to read it, luckily I have all the box sets so I will be reading your tale very soon 🙂


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