Alexa’s Keeping Busy

It’s Meggie here. I’m so happy to see you again! Are you as cold as we are? We’re expecting snow in a few days’ time. Things have been slowing down here in Glenhalish since our tourist season is over. But life in the village goes on. But what about Ms. Alexa? She hasn’t stopped for months now. Did you know she’s gone back to teaching? Aye, she’s been in a classroom since the end of August. In addition to that, she’s been teaching some online classes and getting contracts for new books. And what about this website? It’s grand, innit? I especially love this page since I get to talk to you!

Oh, right. Back to Alexa. Well, since signing her contracts in August and September, she’s been doing paperwork and back-to-back-to-back edits for the books. And she’s been gearing up for the release of DANCE AWAY, DANGER in January. I think she’s planning a party for that, but I’ll let you know for sure when I find out. To learn more about that book you should visit the page for it. I know she’s planning some other clever activities for that book’s release as well.

simple treasuresBut for now though, she’s focusing on her students, on Christmas shopping, and revising a new story. She’ll not tell you this (she’s a horrible self-promoter!), but I don’t mind reminding you. Her story SIMPLE TREASURES, set in Edinburgh during Hogmanay with a great couple and a devil of a villain, released last Christmas. If you’re wanting to try out Alexa’s writing before DANCE AWAY, DANGER comes out and you’re interested in a holiday romantic suspense, give SIMPLE TREASURES a try!

All right. The lads are gettin’ anxious. They’re wanting their pints refilled. You keep warm and I promise to update you about Alexa’s work as soon as I can. Until next time!

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